Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Spotlight on Possibilities

January 31, 2018, marks a type of full moon that we haven’t seen for over 150 years. It’s a supermoon, a blue moon, and a lunar eclipse (also called a blood moon) all rolled into one. That’s the origin of the buzzworthy description “Super Blue Blood Moon” that you may have heard lately. Plus, it’s the third full supermoon in a row and the second in January. Buzzworthy description and hype aside, what does all this mean energetically?

We’re now able to release residual heavy energy from the collective field after shedding conditioning and karma for months. Enough of the coating has been removed for us to see that the dust left can just be rinsed off – it mustn’t choke us any longer.

Earlier this month, the new moon in Capricorn begged us to attend to the practical details of life and to organize things well enough so that we could focus on creativity and maximum impact next. Now, having put things in order, the full moon and lunar eclipse in Leo shine the spotlight on possibilities – those that exist in our world if we shed the dust, share our gifts, and walk our truths. Stringent rules relax, interactions move with fluidity, and we step from our cages and stretch as we reach for our desires more than before. Judgments that terrified us no longer matter, and things that shocked us no longer deter us from our paths.

From a collective perspective, we’re able to own our gifts – and our challenges – more easily and yet with more modesty. Ego has secretly given way in many and has been replaced with love and a true desire to unify. At the same time, there’s more of a tendency to stand up for our beliefs and for what we believe to be ethical and respectable. Any dissonance between those ideas is dissolving; the energy of this moon will allow this to begin manifesting consciously and then, ultimately, physically.

How to harness the energy of the Leo full moon? Self-care and positive affirmations are two great options. Leo is king of self-care, so anything that you do for yourself will pay off in dividends, whether you take a relaxing bath, make your favorite home-cooked meal, or read that book that you’ve been eyeing. Meditation is an especially potent form of self-care this full moon, no matter what your brand of meditation is. And don’t limit self-care to affirmative actions, either – sometimes it’s just as good for us to not call someone or not go shopping as it is for us to reward ourselves with something affirmative.

Use Leo’s energy to come up with powerful affirmations that will raise your vibration and help you with your goals this year. These affirmations can be anything from “I am worthy of love” to “I have more than enough money to pay my bills and take care of my family.” Just remember to frame things in the positive – if we state something in the negative, it often causes additional issues.

Recommended crystals and stones: apophyllite, rhodonite, polychrome jasper, and pietersite.

New Moon in Capricorn: Manifestation Mojo

Happy (astrological) New Year! Today marks the new moon in Capricorn, a grounded and practical sign with major planning-and-execution mojo. While up to this point in 2018 many have been reflecting on the past and planning out how to best move forward into the future, now is the time to fully embrace those plans and put things into action. In so doing, Capricorn counsels us to put in any necessary work up front so that we may manifest our best possible outcomes in the end.

A restructuring occurred in 2017, collectively and in many cases, individually. It was a year of digging through the muck, gathering those things that didn’t serve, and releasing each of them as the year wore on. And wear on it did. Old stories, victim mentalities, damaging relationships and patterns, and disparaging self-talk all presented themselves – and then in many cases, thankfully fell by the wayside, leaving new and fertile ground ready for a fresh influx of positive thought, increased divinity, and unlimited abundance.

Welcome to 2018. While before we were tilling the soil in preparation for a new crop of manifestation, it’s now time to sow the seeds that will get us through the rest of the year. Things happened quickly in 2017 and during the first part of this month, but they’re about to escalate in speed.

What do you really want to accomplish this year? Is there a goal that you’ve been inching toward, or is there one that’s just lingering in the distance? Is there a project that you’ve been working on for awhile but that hasn’t taken the desired course? Is there something that you’ve been putting off but that would make your life so much easier, healthier, or happier?

Major strides can be made right now toward anything that you desire, but you have to hone in on what it is that you desire. Be as specific and as detailed as you can possibly be. Anything that you want to manifest should be backed up on paper. Make yourself accountable down the line. And be old-fashioned about it – manifestation takes root more easily when pencil is put to paper rather than when fingers are put to a keyboard.

So make that list. Open – and start funding – that savings account. Plan that wedding, reunion, or birthday celebration. Harness the new moon Capricorn energy over the next few days to map out all of the practical details of whatever you’re hoping to accomplish in 2018. Because once the practical details are out of the way and the plan is in motion, you can use your time to blissfully create all of the poetry that you desire – within the comfortable and well defined boundaries that you’ve already established for yourself.

While you’re at it, enjoy a lovely and fulfilling 2018. Because this year is all about new stories, empowered mentalities, supportive relationships, healthy patterns, and positive self-talk.

Recommended crystals and stones: Orthoceras fossil, black moonstone, sardonyx, green fluorite, and scolecite.