Thanks to all of you who have followed the chakra posts this past week! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts and that you’ve learned a lot about the basic chakras, about the stones that correspond to them, and about yourself in the process.

Now that we’re at the end of the series, there’s a special twist. Read on for more!

The Chakras

The chakras have served us incredibly well throughout the ages. As a human race, we’ve consistently used our chakras to increase security and confidence in our environments, in our bodies, and in our self-worth. We’ve used them to open up our hearts and to embrace love, to share our truths and to speak our minds, to open up our psychic senses, and to increase our spirituality and connection to the Divine. What an amazing journey the chakras have given us, and how grateful we are for them! Focusing on our chakras has historically been a way to expand spiritually in our lives, learning more about ourselves and about our Divine connection in the process.

Meanwhile, as we’ve worked on our chakras, we’ve experienced the struggle of maintaining them, of keeping them balanced, of making sure they aren’t over- or under-expressed. It’s worth it–our expanded experience alone makes it worth this type of effort. When our chakras are all open, balanced, and aligned, it’s truly amazing what we can accomplish.

But what if we weren’t limited to this type of experience? What if we didn’t need to work to maintain our chakras all the time? What if there weren’t this constant maintenance tug-of-war, this consistent balancing act? What if things just . . . flowed? What if there were actually a way to work with the Divine, both to release limiting consciousness and to expand beyond our existing chakra system into a new extended energy system? What if this extended energy system were available to us if we simply chose to install it? What kind of freedom would that bring?

The Extended Energy System

The basic truth is that there are far more than the seven traditional chakras or connection points. There are, at a minimum, eight additional strong connection points: the Earth star, lower abdomen, naval, higher heart, brain stem, back of the head, soul star, and Christ consciousness connection points. These all work together within the extended energy system to connect you to the Divine. There’s even a way to bring them all into alignment while maximizing your spiritual experience and while minimizing the maintenance that goes along with them. These connection points have neither the same balancing issues nor the same blockage issues as the traditional chakras. Basically, it’s possible to make an enormous upgrade. What you may not understand is how to make this upgrade in your own life.

The Method

Ultimately, there’s a process for everything, and there are often different methods available to undertake that process. There’s a particular method of upgrading your energy system that I’m going to share with those who join me. I’m holding individual coaching sessions called Chakras 2.0.

This is not a coaching program for the spiritually faint of heart. This coaching program, and the soul evolution process, require tough work, a relatively detached ego, and a deep spiritual motivation to connect more with the Divine. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t be successful; if you don’t have the drive, you won’t put in the work. This is a very special offering for a very particular group of people. If you aren’t compelled to do it, don’t. If it’s not the right time, it won’t work for you.

This method has two primary steps, and they will each take some time to accomplish. The first step is to dissolve our limiting consciousness. The second step is to upgrade to our extended energy systems. Neither is simple, and both steps require immense dedication.

The first necessary step is to dissolve our limiting consciousness. This is often referred to as “exiting the Matrix.” By removing the veil of limiting consciousness that we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives–the propaganda, the programming, the “acceptable” paths to success and to Divine connection–we’re able to expand our worlds, claim our power, and better discern our truths. Dissolving our limiting consciousness enables us to step outside the contrived boundaries that have been established for us and allows us to establish our own boundaries that are consistent with our beliefs, with our spiritual connections, and with our life purposes.

The second step is to upgrade to our extended energy systems. This can be daunting. As a phoenix bursts into flames when it is ready to start a new life, we too must dismantle the old to bring in the new. We must dissolve our existing chakra system to bring the new extended energy system online. The rewards are worth the extensive effort of the process.

The Benefits

I went through this process a little less than two years ago. Some of the many benefits that I’ve experienced since then are:

-An increased connection with the Divine and improved communication with elemental and angelic beings, ascended masters, and my own guides

-Better discernment of my personal energy versus others’ energies

-Expanded self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust

-More mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom and independence

-Less reliance on others’ opinions

-Fewer blocks to self-improvement

-Improved focus on and awareness of my purpose

-More energy and motivation

-Faster manifestation

-Stronger visualization

-Increased experience of psychic phenomena and “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance; this may also manifest as clairgustance and/or clairessence for some students)

-More advanced psychic protection

-Fewer balancing issues

The Coaching Program Structure

We’ll go through the two steps in three one-hour sessions over a six-week period. The first two one-hour sessions will focus on dissolving limiting consciousness, and the last two one-hour sessions will focus on upgrading your energy system. The interim weeks are necessary for you to work with your guides, to meditate, to release any residual effects of the old system, and to integrate the improvements that you’ve made. Though we won’t have sessions in the interim weeks, you’re always welcome to contact me regarding your experience and/or any questions that you have.

During your sessions and in the interim weeks, you’ll experience guided meditations, clearings, and activations; suggested crystals and stones to work with each week while you evolve and activities to go along with them; and meditative “om work” for you to complete on your own. I also recommend keeping a journal to chronicle your experiences.

If this intrigues you and you’re interested in signing up for the Chakras 2.0 coaching program, please visit my scheduling page at Click on “Private Coaching Sessions” and scroll to the bottom of the list for the Chakras 2.0 listing.

I look forward to working with and witnessing you as you expand your consciousness and evolve your soul!