Happy Full Honey Moon!

June 9, 2017

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Happy Full Honey Moon! The full moon is a wonderful opportunity to accomplish goals and celebrate life. The moon at its fullest is activating and inspiring – and this month’s super moon makes the energy even more potent. The full moon offers extra protection and clarifies those things which typically remain hidden. This makes the full moon the perfect time for “scrying”–the term for crystal ball gazing or for psychic gazing using another tool–and for other psychic phenomena. It also makes the full moon a fantastic time to engage in any mind-expanding activity, whether it’s taking that photography class you’ve been interested in or attending a lecture you’ve been invited to. The full moon is a powerful time to say “yes”–so if you do receive an offer to do something that you normally wouldn’t consider, think about accepting that offer. You just might learn something worthwhile, meet new friends, or be introduced to a new hobby.

Today’s super full moon is in Sagittarius, which implores us to explore our existing life philosophies and consider new thoughts and ideas. Are there situations and/or people that have been grating on you lately? Consider your approach. Instead of attaching to the result, detach from the outcome, and see how things move forward. Or step back from the confrontation and look through the other person’s point of view. And stop forcing things! Sagittarius reminds us that life moves more smoothly when we relax our grip and let things flow. So relax, breathe, and be a little flexible. You may love what opens up for you.

If you have any crystals and/or stones, tonight is an amazing night to cleanse and charge them with moonlight! Some prefer to cleanse their stones in another way (i.e. incense, sound) before placing them in moonlight, but it’s honestly not necessary; the moonlight will both cleanse and charge your stones (though tricky stones may need more than one cleansing method). Tarot and oracle decks can be charged in moonlight also, as well as other divination tools.

Crystal and stone recommendations: lapis lazuli, rainbow fluorite, rainbow moonstone, danburite, selenite, labradorite, clear quartz, Herkimer diamond, smoky quartz, magnetite, and hematite.


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