Crystals for Psychic Protection

June 4, 2017

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crystals for psychic protection

Psychic protection should be a priority for everyone, especially for those who are empathic and/or psychic in any regard and who are doing psychic work. Other people who benefit from significant psychic protection include massage therapists and other bodyworkers, fitness trainers, hairdressers, counselors, attorneys, physicians, soldiers, drivers, retail employees, and basically anyone else in a customer-service or team-oriented environment. If you’re dealing with other people the majority of the time, it benefits you to have consistent psychic protection, especially if you’re in a field where you’re actually working within another’s auric field or listening to and helping to process their issues like the careers listed above.

One thing that you can do to psychically protect yourself is to use crystals and stones to create a frequency to protect you and to ward off harmful and discordant energy; to ground and balance your own energy; and to invite in beneficial energies of love, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and whatever else you’re looking to create in your life.

Medicine bags are great for this purpose, as they create an alchemical stone experience that addresses your particular needs. A medicine bag is simply a pouch of several stones that you carry with you to help with a particular objective or set of objectives. Medicine bags can be kept in your pocket or purse; around your neck; in your office, car, or pillow; or in any other place that you frequent. It’s important to keep the medicine bag in your auric field to get the effects of the stones, though. I use little leather pouches for my medicine bags; coin purses and cloth pouches make wonderful medicine bags also.

If you’re going the medicine bag route, I suggest no more than three to five stones. Some will be able to handle only two stones at a time and some will be completely comfortable with seven stones at a time, so know yourself and tread carefully if you’ve never dealt with these stones before.

For an overall psychic protection medicine bag, I’d suggest a combination of these stones, with emphasis on stones that resonate with you; that you have in your collection and have already entrained to; and that you feel you have a particular need for, given your personal situation. One from each list would make a perfect combo and would give you three stones to work with for psychic protection and beneficial energy. There are a ton of other options out there to accomplish these purposes, so if you have a favorite stone, use it! This is just a sampling of some well suited stones. For your medicine bag, do take care to look up the MOHS hardness of each stone–stones that are a 3 shouldn’t be paired with stones that are a 7, for example, because the stone that’s a 3 is likely to crack or break.

Before you use them, make sure to cleanse your stones with any of the following methods–a high-vibration incense like sage, frankincense, or rose; sound (i.e. a singing bowl or a bell); water (be careful with softer stones–anything over a 5-6 on the MOHS scale of hardness is generally safe, but research your stone if you’re unsure); salt (again, check your stones–salt may damage some stones); sunlight or moonlight; other stones, such as selenite, quartz clusters, or kyanite; or energetically with a pendulum, visualization/intention, or Reiki. Pick the cleansing method that resonates with you. Incense, sunlight or moonlight, other stones, and energetic cleansings are safe for all crystals and stones. Quartz and its varieties (i.e. colored quartz, chalcedony, jasper, agate, aventurine) are a 7 on the MOHS scale of hardness and can be cleansed using any of the methods mentioned here.

Once you’ve cleansed your stones, you’ll also want to program them. To program a stone, simply hold one in your dominant hand while thinking strongly of the objective that you’re hoping to achieve by working with the stone. You can also hold the general intention that the stone work with you in your highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all. You can then breathe your intention into the stone by softly blowing into it while thinking of your goal.

Crystals to ward off harmful and discordant energy


Shungite will help to absorb harmful and discordant energy of all types, including anger, sadness, frustration, shame, and less emotional threats like EMFs. Shungite is also a great grounding stone. (MOHS hardness 4)

Rainbow Sheen, Silver Sheen, or Snowflake Obsidian

All obsidian works well to ground and to protect, but these three sheens are particularly gentle in their processes. Rainbow sheen and silver sheen offer especially great psychic protection. Snowflake obsidian is wonderful for soothing emotions after a psychic attack or an upsetting incident. (MOHS hardness 5)

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is wonderful for those working with different dimensions and with psychic realms. It’s grounding, protective, and it helps to psychically shroud its user when working within various dimensions. It’s a great protector against psychic attack. Smoky quartz also helps with discernment when channeling or doing angelic or mediumship work. Smoky quartz can be used to trap low-vibration entities. (MOHS hardness 7)

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline (even better, black tourmaline with mica inclusions) is one of the most effective options for protecting in and between dimensions. For those working with other realms and doing mediumship, elemental, angelic, or starseed work, black tourmaline is an absolute must. (MOHS hardness 7-7.5)

Rainbow Fluorite

Another great option for those working in other dimensions, rainbow fluorite protects against harmful entities and creates a barrier for discordant energies. It’s difficult for outside forces to interfere with fluorite specimens or fluorite pendulums. (MOHS hardness 4)


Labradorite is a wonderfully protective stone when doing psychic work or when dealing with the public. Labradorite will reflect harmful energy back to its perpetrators, will seal your aura against any energy leaks, and will clear your aura of any nonbeneficial energetic frequencies. It also helps its user to remain secure in his or her own energy. (MOHS hardness 6-6.5)


Kyanite is a protective stone that helps with interaction with higher dimensions, especially angelic dimensions. (Blue kyanite is actually my favorite stone for this purpose.) Kyanite is strong enough to cleanse other stones, and needs to be cleansed only rarely itself. Black kyanite has the added bonus of being very grounding, and will deflect and destroy negative energy, transmuting it and returning it to the earth. All kyanite can be used to sweep the aura. (MOHS hardness 4-7, depending on the cut)

Crystals to ground and balance your own energy


Jet is an amazing stone–well, carbonized wood–that grounds and that helps to absorb all kinds of harmful emotions like anger, stress, fear, and frustration. Although it’s great for blocking other people’s negative energy, it’s especially potent for balancing one’s own energies, which is why I included it here. (MOHS hardness 3-4)


Agate is one of my favorite stones because it’s the best balancing stone that I know of. Its slow and steady vibration is easy to entrain to and helps to solidify that feeling that “everything will be alright.” Agate helps with personal strength and willpower, too, so it’s great for dealing with habits and issues that are making you unbalanced and holding you back. Agate is very grounding as well. There are many different kinds of agate, so pick one that resonates with you. (MOHS hardness 7)


There are so many different kinds of jasper, and they are generally very grounding and protective. Jasper is wonderful for stimulating individuality, self-trust, and a balanced perspective. It helps to reduce materialism, balance personal energies, and calm feelings of discontentment. (MOHS hardness 7)


Malachite works on a deep level to balance personal energies because it digs down and really pulls out the weeds that we haven’t wanted to deal with . . . past relationships, childhood dramas and traumas, even past-life issues. Malachite brings those issues up so that we can confront them head-on and deal with them in a way that destroys any attached karma. In turn, malachite has a balancing and enlightening effect, often stimulating its user to strive toward his or her potential. (MOHS hardness 3.5-4)

Crystals to usher in beneficial energies

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is wonderful for ushering in love, peace, happiness, and compassion. Whether you’re looking for self-love, friendship, or romantic love, rose quartz will help to co-create an enlightened environment in which you realize that, truly, love is all that matters. This in turn helps to override your fear, raise your vibration, and curb any energies that aren’t in your highest and best good. (MOHS hardness 7)

Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz

Lepidolite and lithium quartz contain actual lithium, the same mineral used for bipolar depression medicine. These stones are amazing for quelling anxiety, fear, and fear-based thinking. Lepidolite is a form of mica, which also protects against harmful energies, so lepidolite is one that performs double duty here. Lithium quartz is quartz with purple lithium inclusions; it’s both gorgeous and incredibly calming. The quartz helps to amplify the effect of the lithium and would also help to amplify the effect of the other stones that you choose for your medicine bag. (MOHS hardness of lepidolite is 2.5-3; lithium quartz is a 7)


Rhodochrosite is wonderful for inner healing, including heart healing and inner child healing, and works to create self-love and self-acceptance at a deep level. Rhodochrosite encourages self-reflection and instills within its user a sense of heart-centered purpose and joy. (MOHS hardness 3.5-4)

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a great stone for personal and emotional growth. It’s a soothing stone that encourages happiness, harmony, and an easygoing attitude, and it promotes cooperation among families and friends. (MOHS hardness 7)

Green Tourmalinated Quartz

Green tourmaline is wonderful for psychic protection as well as physical protection, and quartz amplifies the energy of those stones occurring with it. The combination will bring a powerful infusion of beneficial growth, protection, and manifestation energy. (MOHS hardness 7)



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