Different Colors & Sheens of Obsidian

May 6, 2017

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colors and sheens of obsidian

There are so many beautiful colors of obsidian! I’m going to cover a few well known colors and sheens as well as some more rare types.

Obsidian is volcanic glass, not stone, with a MOHS hardness of 5 to 5.5 and an amorphous structure. This structure makes it work more quickly and more fluidly than other stones. Obsidian is powerful in its action and will cause quick, deep internal insight, facilitating change and inspiring one to move forward beyond conventional yet stunting boundaries.

Obsidian is incredibly protective and deeply insightful. It serves as an effective barrier between dimensions during channeling. (Black obsidian used for this purpose should be used by skilled channelers only.) Obsidian is extremely grounding, working on the root chakra and connecting that with the Earth star chakra. Obsidian clears all chakras effectively. For those who don’t have chakras, obsidian is centering and grounding. It gathers harmful and discordant energy and then transmutes it. It’s activating and strengthening. Obsidian helps one to reconcile thoughts and fears, energy and emotions. It repairs old ways of thinking.

• Mirrors and spheres have been used for scrying since at least the time of the ancient Mayans and Incans
• Arrowheads and pointed “knives,” natural or carved, are used to cut etheric cords. These tools are sometimes called “flint.”
• Harsh medicine! Brings things to the surface quickly. Take care with black obsidian, especially when recovering from trauma and/or PTSD.
• Works well for back pain – realigns the spine
• Helps to remove arthritic tremors
• Works to dispel harmful entities and dissolve low-vibration thoughtforms
• For those who are ready to abandon their traditional chakra system, black obsidian helps to dissolve any attachment to the chakras and helps to sever any cords preventing their abandonment.

• Can be used for scrying, especially with respect to past lives
• Great for ancestral connection, past-life research, clearing karma and family lines
• Helps to access the Akashic Records
• Sleep with it under your pillow for a deep karma-clearing sleep
• Wonderful for shadow work, but it can be tough medicine, similar to black obsidian
• Brings up suppressed emotions for clearing
• Inspires deep insight and can facilitate change on a deep level
• Can help one to recognize destructive relationship patterns, especially within families and soul families

• Potent scrying aid
• Activates psychic abilities
• Softer medicine than black or gold sheen obsidian
• Works with moon energy
• Helps to achieve a meditative state
• Reflects back to the user those measures that need to be taken for situations to improve
• Helps with PMS and other menstrual symptoms

• Good for scrying
• Softer medicine than black or gold sheen obsidian
• Helpful for emotional healing
• Great for inner-child work
• Helps one to go within to determine what is the true cause of emotional issues
• Helps with strength and self-esteem
• Activates psychic abilities
• Helps to transmute pain across all dimensions and all timelines and in past, present, and future lives
• Assists with discernment and with trusting oneself
• Helps one to trust others when warranted
• Assists with animal and elemental communication
• Helps with PMS and other menstrual symptoms

• Newer sheen
• Softer medicine like silver sheen or rainbow sheen
• Good for mental pursuits and study
• Balancing

• Softer medicine
• Helps significantly with grief and mourning
• Also helps with depression and anxiety
• Especially good for healers

• Softer medicine
• Good for depression and anxiety
• Helpful for eyesight
• Helps with grief
• Helps those who feel like outsiders recognize and work with their attributes and gifts
• Very comforting stone—great pocket stone

• Softer medicine
• Activating! Works to inspire creativity and design.
• Vibrant and outgoing
• Helps in centering and grounding
• Helps one to embrace one’s gifts and appreciate one’s individuality

• Softer medicine
• Very gentle! Good for depression, mental illness, and anxiety.
• Very grounding stone; connects the root and earth star chakras, or centers and grounds if no chakras exist
• Slower acting than other forms of obsidian, but works in great depth
• Helps one to strip away any inauthentic traits and maximize authentic traits
• Helps with stepping into one’s personal power

NATURAL GREEN OBSIDIAN (not the man-made glass!)
• Deeply healing, especially with respect to heart center
• Very soft medicine!
• Causes gentle introspection and a peaceful attitude
• Inspires truthful, heartfelt communication between partners and among family
• Deepens connection between soulmates
• Helps with the switch to a love-based attitude over a fear-based one
• Assists in letting go and letting love in when one has been hurt before
• Helps to gently dissolve cords between the user and old friends or romantic partners that are no longer in the user’s life; helps the user to realize the purpose of those relationships

NATURAL BLUE OBSIDIAN (not the man-made glass!)
• Naturally opens up communication between partners and among family
• Helpful for cool, calm, and collected decision making
• Very soft medicine!
• Stone of peace and understanding – facilitates understanding and empathy on a deep level
• Helps with business communication
• Heals and balances throat chakra, if in place
• Great for channeling and astral travel
• Magnifies telepathy
• Assists one in delivering one’s gifts to the world, whether as a messenger or creator



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