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I’m a mentor, guide, and healer here to help you transcend harmful energy and patterns in your life, replacing them with love, stability, and joy. As an angelic healer and multidimensional medium, I use my psychic senses to receive and deliver messages and healing during my sessions. By working in concert with other realms, I offer a tailored service that is in your highest and best interest.

I’ve combined my gifts and experience with a lifetime’s worth of study in crystals and stones, tarot, astrology, and psychic phenomena. I possess an eclectic blend of knowledge, obtained through three traditional degrees as well as a number of relevant certifications and affiliations. Work with me to discover answers, find your peace, and revolutionize your life.

Kat Michaels

Global Healer, Crystal Reiki Master, & Multidimensional Mentor

What Clients Are Saying:

“You never know, without meeting someone and experiencing them, what you’re going to get. That being said, after a very serendipitous moment with Kat coming to my awareness, I felt she was a good choice. I was not disappointed. Without going into too much detail, I really felt a lot of energy moving throughout my body. I feel like Kat’s work was efficacious and aware. Loved it, looking forward to more!

Kat did some amazing cord cutting work for me on several levels. One was particularly deep and on my neck. It was absolutely wonderful having someone else take a whack at it. I have been battling it daily and it continues to return. I have someone in my life who keeps marking me…. Through the cord cutting and a crystal attunement that Kat did, that person has been unable to attach her entity to me again. Such a relief to not feel the sting in my neck!​ Thanks for a truly beautiful experience. You are gifted beyond words and a true healer.


This experience with Kat was my first past-life reading. I didn’t quite know what to expect and was blown away by the detailKat has such an incredible gift of seeing your past lives and karma play out like a movie. The report she sent read like a screenplay and it was very powerful. Her crystal suggestions are the perfect way to bring even more closure and healing to the session.